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Introducing Watlaa One

The idea started from a little girl in Finland with T1. I was not satisfied with the options out there. Pebble came close, so did SW3. The process has been long. But it is finally here.

Watlaa One will show readings from miaomiao 1/2 and bubble, without any phone nearby (other bridges to be added). For supported mobile apps please scroll down.

If you are using Libre 2 or US-14 day libre, then you need to use Bubble ( in order to get the readings.


We wanted to make a watch that anyone can afford. You should not have to spend a fortune on a watch for this cause.

Good battery

One charge should take you 3-6 days. Running out? It will only take 20min to get a decent charge. Approximately 1.5h to get a full battery again.


Leave your phone aside for a moment. Watlaa One will still give you your readings.


We will continue to develop the software of Watlaa One to allow connecting to new devices and rich features.

Supported CGM Bridges

Miaomiao 1

Miaomiao 2




Supported Mobile Applications



Nightly 7th of Feb






Wow I’m impressed. It reads my data direct from my MiaoMiao2 – No need for tomato app and mobiles phones. I get reliable readings every 5 minutes direct from my MiaoMiao2! It’s looks like a premium watch but the cost is low. Unlike the tomato app customer service is great.

"Watlaa, the Duracell of Smartwatches"

Read more here.

Brilliant stand alone watch. Easy to set up and use. I just love being able to see my BM at any time especially when working. Great support and help available if needed.

After trying out a few other brands this one really does work.. holds its charge and best of all doesn’t keep losing signal and actually works standalone with no phone.. price was good too and great customer service. Highly recommend