Frequently Asked Questions

Most frequent questions and answers. Scroll down for troubleshooting.

Which Libre sensor does it work with?

Libre 1 for now. We will add other if and when possible. Not with US 14-day, Pro/H, or Libre 2 for now.

My readings are off, what’s wrong ?

Your readings are only as good as your calibrations. Have a look at David Burren’s thorough article about the subject in CGM accuracy – Calibration is King!

How to setup with xDrip+ ?

This works the same way as miaomiao. Simply choose data source Libre and Bluetooth bridge. Search for Watlaa in the bluetooth list. Connect. Done. Video example of how to connect here. Video is of miaomiao but it is the same for Watlaa. Remember to disconnect miaomiao/bubble from xdrip+ before trying to connect to Watlaa.

Does it connect to the Internet ?

Only through mobile phone. Use any of the supported mobile applications with Watlaa One.

Will the watch get updates ?

Yes. We will continue to develop functionalities for W1 according to user demand. The first release will only contain the essentials. Upgrades can be done via the Watlaa android app.

Can I swim with the W1 ?

The Watlaa One is not fully waterproof. It is safe to wash your hands and get drops of water on the watch. We do not recommend swimming with the watch as it is not certified for that.

Can I connect to my G5 or G6 ?

No you can not. As of now G5/G6 is not supported. We have no plans as of now to support Dexcom. We will revisit these plans in the future if necessary.

Why did the price change when I went to cart and checkout ?

When you go to cart and checkout, and enter shipping address we will add possible tax and customs duties. For more details please see Shipping.

My watch keeps disappearing from my cart. How can I buy the watch ?

Sometimes the website checkout plays tricks. It usually helps to empty browser cache and start over. Alternatively you can use another browser to make the purchase.

What kind of alarms does the W1 have ?

The Watlaa One features vibration alarms. When alarms are triggered a firm vibration will be felt.

The watch does not have an in-built speaker but alarm sound can be triggered to a phone or tablet nearby for alarm sound. We are currently testing this.

Does the Watlaa One have a SIM card ?


Can the watch show my heart rate ?

The Watlaa One contains a heart rate sensor but it has not been activated in the software. We may activate it in the future if users are keen to see this information.


I keep loosing connection, what to do?

Watlaa One is currently optimised to be used on the same arm with miaomiao and bubble. If you use it on the other arm you will most probably experience connection loss. Also make sure you have disabled bluetooth on the phone you were using with the bridge.

If you after this still keep loosing connection then try in a different environment to see how it works there. Signal interference can be high from wifi or other bluetooth devices.
During sleep the watch can disconnect if you sleep on top of it, blocking the signal.

Watlaa will automatically attempt to reconnect if connection is lost.

I just got my Watlaa. What now?

  1. Charge Watlaa.
  2. Read manual here.
  3. Update software (instructions here).
  4. Disable bluetooth on your phone/watch that was previously connected to miaomiao/bubble. Miaomiao and bubble can connect to one device at a time.
  5. Make sure you only have one bridge close by when you connect, otherwise Watlaa might connect to the wrong one.
  6. Wear Watlaa on the same arm with miaomiao/bubble.
  7. If you can’t get connection established. Reset miaomiao/bubble. Hard reset Watlaa.

Update of Watlaa failed. And now cannot connect anymore/turn on?

If a software upload is interrupted the watch can go into a failsafe mode. This means that Watlaa app may not be able to connect to it anymore. The fix is to use nRF connect app to complete the installation as explained in the update instructions here.

Please note that the name of Watlaa can have changed if update fails. It can be anything like “WatlaaDFU”, “DFUxxx”, or any other. So you need to choose some of those when you re-install with nRF connect. Contact us if any issue.

The Watlaa may not turn on if update fails but it will still show in bluetooth list of nRF connect. Simply charge although charging is not indicated.

How does calibration work ?

Calibration can take up to 20 calibration points but in most cases 2-6 is all that is needed.

Calibrate when you are low and have been stable for 15-30min. Later calibrate when you are high and have been stable for 15-30min.

It is common that you need to calibrate again when libre sensor is getting older.