User manual | Watlaa One

Software update manual | Watlaa One

VersionChange summary
0.5.5– update for use with Diabox and/or Bubble with Libre 2 EU and US14d. Use nrf Connect app and zip here
0.5.1– change of BLE protocol
– xDrip+ support
0.4.0– Bubble bridge support
0.3.7– reboot fix
0.3.6– update to miaomiao 1 (v7) and 2 (v39) communication protocol
– sensor ID added to Watlaa communication protocol
0.3.5– Calibration data not deleted during SW upgrade
– Calibration is entered per digit and not by toggling upwards
0.3.4– No need to disconnect when new sensor applied
0.3.3– Basic functions